1. • plain white mug or mugs
    • masking or blue painters tape
    • matte-finnish indoor fast-drying gold spray paint (click here for suggestion)
    • clear sealer for ceramic (click here for suggestion)


    When covering the mugs with tape make sure that the tape is pulled tight with NO ripples (unlike mine) to ensure the paint wont creep up underneath. I had to clean my line up afterwards.

    Hold spray can about 13-18 inches away from mug and spray in short spurts to achieve even coverage and avoid dripping.

    Spray the clear sealer in the same manner as above about 5 minutes after gold spray.

    Dont let tape sit on the mug too long after spraying (no more than 8 minutes) or the paint may peel up with the tape.

    Not dishwasher safe. Wash the inside by hand and lightly rinse the outside.

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  2. tutorializer:

    How To Make Your Own Orange Sage Sugar Body Scrub. Looks lovely!

    Recipe Here

  3. scissorsandthread:

    Diptyque Inspired Candles | A Pair & A Spare

    PLUS: Free S+T candle labels!

    OK, so after seeing this lovely DIY for Diptyque inspired candles I thought… hmm, wouldn’t it be nice to have some pretty labels to attach to your home made candles? So I made some! As you can see from the tutorial, it’s so easy to make these. If you’re wanting to make your candles to smell just like the real thing, I suggest you go here to Sweetcakes to get their Diptyque inspired fragrances. There’s Fig and Black Currant Rose (which is my favourite) Make them in glass tumblers or even little teacups and attach your new labels…

    That’s right, labels. I’ve made one for those two fragrances as well as one for the very popular Oatmeal, Milk & Honey and Warm Vanilla. You can either print them on paper and glue them on, or you could print on sticky back label paper. I hope you like them!



  4. How to make Piñata cookies!

  5. thebrashea:

    I made a Jewelry display case for my mother’s Christmas present. Pretty proud of how smoothly it went considering I only thought this out in my head. She was talking about wanting somewhere to stick her earrings and hang her necklaces without taking up table space, so I ended up with this. I hung it up and threw on some of my things to better show its purpose. I’m not going to post full instructions unless anyone requests it since I’m guessing none of you would actually spend a full 2-3 hrs making this, & I don’t want to crowd up your dashboards. If you want full instructions, go ahead and leave a comment, and I’ll figure something out.

    How it works: You stick the earrings anywhere into the center and the hooks can hang any necklaces, bracelets, belts, etc.

    Project Requires: a powertool, shadowbox, ceram-wrap or shrink wrap, screw hooks, styrofoam, ruler / measuring tape, permanent marker, heat tool for cutting styrofoam (or a long knife w/ teeth), and a hammer (to knock out the glass if it’s tightly embedded in the shadowbox).

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  6. thecakebar:

    Campfire or On-the-Grill Bananas Tutorial

    • This is great for camping or for a Fourth of July BBQ/Picnic… and I’de top this off with frozen yogurt or ice cream and…. oh yeah…you can make a s’mores version of this, or use peanut butter, Nutella, or other fun toppings! BE CREATIVE!
  7. these are so adorable

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  8. Moss Graffiti DIY by Anna Garforth

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    DIY Pumpkin Bowl! (tutorial)